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Trusted supplier

of Commercial

and Military

Aircraft Parts


Over 60 Years of Excellence  


BAI specializes in domestic and international sales

and marketing of aerospace technologies and services.

We have an extensive network of knowledgeable

representatives throughout the world, providing its

customers with superior service.


BAI's multilingual and multi-cultural staff is capable of

communication in English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese,

Tagalog, Malay, German, Greek, Chinese and several other

languages used around the world.


We are an approved vendor of US DEPARTMENT

OF THE AIRFORCE; our cage code is 31450

BAI History


Founded as Cowan Aircraft.


Acquired by Banner Industries, Inc. Establishment of the name Banner Aircraft International.


Banner Industries' acquisition of Fairchild Corporation, corporate

re-shuffle, and the establishment of two separate corporations

with two positions on the New York Stock Exchange under the

names of Banner Aerospace, Inc. (NYSE: BAR) and Fairchild Corporation (NYSE: FA). With this split, Banner Aircraft

International became one of several distribution units of the

Banner Aerospace network of companies consisting of approximately 700 employees with annual sales of US$235

million. The Fairchild Corporation became the manufacturing

group of companies.


In a deal financed with BAI’s close ally, Kanematsu Group, Japan,

the company was purchased by Mr. R.C. Cain, the President and



BAI is one of the leaders in the industry





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Civil and Military Aircrafts


Serving commercial and military operators for many years, we have developed extended in-house know-how expertise and close partnership with leading aviation manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers both domestically and internationally.


Authorized distributor for Dayton-Granger, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, manufacturer of antennas, static dischargers, lighting protection. www.daytongranger.com  

BAI is trusted by some of the World’s

largest aircraft operators and MROs.  

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S. San Francisco, CA 94080